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Intelligent user friendly inventory management  



Electronic kanban board with intuitive touch screen integrated

Easy Ordering of products and VMI

Optimize stocklevels |  Avoid manual ordering time |  Set benchmarks |  Gain insights based on big data

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Ordering Board
Kanban Cards
Electronic kanban board with intuitive touch screen integrated
RFID cards for electronic kanban board
Integration of the ordering system into our internet of things platform

The Reorderit board is equipped with and RFID reader and a user friendly touch screen. When a card is placed on the e-board, the RFID chips inside the cards will be detected automatically. The board communicates via 4G and wifi to the central database. Via the database all boards and cards are monitored. The system supports remote updates. Logistics replenishment orders are being ordered via the database at configurable intervals. The touch screen supplies real-time feedback to your employees.

Download datasheet Kanban orderboard

Scan App

For smaller warehouses and ad-hoc scanning we developed an easy to use app. By scanning an empty bin your employees are able to re-order their consumables. Via the app the current status of the pending orders is visible and reduces the amount of calls and mails to your logistics department. The app is available for both Android and IOS users as a progressive web app and creates superb inventory management whether it is for controlling your c-parts stock levels or in your healthcare or hospitality storage rooms.

An RFID kanban card represents a certain article for a certain location or customer. The unique number of the chip inside the card is stored in a database and linked to information like item number (SKU), the required location and amount to re-order. Special holders are available to easily integrate cards into your existing storage rooms or locations. New cards can either be printed by your own organisation or feel free to make use of our printservice. Both reusable and disposable cards are available.

BLE smart scale

For even more user friendly inventory management we developed our BleBin smart scale system. These smart scales weigh the bin in a certain interval period. When your stock level gets under a set limit (via our backoffice), automatically an order is generated and sent to your warehouse management or ERP system. These smart scales are also useful in assembly facilities with local storage in assembly stations and workplaces. The receiver receives all the actual weights via a 50m range bluetooth low energy signal (BLE) and puts all data forward to the Re-Order-it inventory control management system.

Download datasheet smart scale

Download datasheet controller

The Reorderit system integrates seamlessly with your existing warehouse or ERP system. Master data is synchronized and orders are forwarded via automatic messaging. Various message formats such as JSON and XML are supported. A user interface is available to monitor the system. A dashboard provides useful insights in daily affairs and in particular unexpected deviations. The report section keeps a full history of all local operations and provides you with big data for further detailed analysis.

RFID smart shelve

Smart shelves are part of an inventory management system that utilizes RFID technology  to automatically track the quantity and location of items in real-time. This helps your business to optimize your stock levels and reduces the risk of stock shortages or overstocking, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

Download datasheet Smart shelve




We improve operations in healthcare industries, industrial applications and hospitality markets in an easy and affordable way with a focus on staff support. To realize this we optimize processes, logistics and administration by integrating internet of things (IoT) technologies into daily routines. With over 20 years of experience in IoT solutions we make you benefit from our experiences.
Re Order It has been developped in cooperation with our sister company Alltrace. Alltrace is specialised in developing and supporting turn-key Internet of things solutions.


Technology is here to support your operations and your core business. Internet of Things is one of the tools to reach your goals and make your processes and business flourish.  With our focus on your process and staff we support you in making the right technology selections and implementation and transform these into achievable sustainable results.


We make technology work for you without noticing it is actually there. Whether it is about RFID, Lora, NB, 5G, UWB, BLE, Barcode, 2D, QR, Wifi, Zigbee or some other innovative technologies, we will seamlessly make it work for you. As a solution development company we focus on integral high-tech solution that will work for your staff without any technical knowledge from your side. Turn-key easy implemantable solutions with only minutes of training required.



One of our projects at Medical Spectrum Twente(Netherlands).



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Easy ordering processes and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Next to fecailitating easy ordering processes for your staff, our solution may support you in your VMI solutions. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) has several advantages, including:


  • Improved inventory accuracy: VMI provides real-time information on inventory levels and stock movements, helping companies maintain accurate inventory levels and avoid stockouts.

  • Increased efficiency: By relying on the supplier to manage inventory levels, companies can reduce the need for internal resources to manage inventory and focus on other areas of the business.

  • Reduced carrying costs: VMI can help companies reduce their inventory holding costs by ensuring inventory levels are maintained at optimal levels.

  • Enhanced supplier relationship: By involving the supplier in the inventory management process, companies can foster a closer working relationship and improve communication and collaboration.

  • Improved customer satisfaction: By maintaining accurate inventory levels and avoiding stockouts, companies can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of lost sales.

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