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Fitness for Kanban and VMI

Our system has been proven to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs for our customers. By automating the replenishment process with our digital kanban board, smart scales, smartshelves, apps and smart cabinets, you can significantly reduce stockouts, overstocks, and the need for manual inventory management. Our interactive touch screen that is integrated in all of or solutions provides real-time visibility into pending orders, eliminating the need for ad hoc inquiries and calls to the logistics department for delivery statuses. Our customers have experienced tangible time and cost savings with our software and systems, and we believe it can do the same for your organization.

employee in storage room to work with a kanban system

Serial versus bulk

C-parts inventory management
Medical device inventory management

For products with unique serial numbers, we encourage you to embrace the power of individual item registration. By meticulously tracking each serial numbered item, you gain a comprehensive overview of their journey and usage. On the other hand, for items stocked in bulk quantities, we understand the value of efficiency. Often, the focus shifts from individual enumeration to strategic inventory control. Our system empowers you to monitor stock levels and predict replenishment requirements accurately. We understand that managing inventory is not one-size-fits-all; that's why we offer tailored solutions to optimize your inventory management process, whether you're meticulously tracking serial numbered items or efficiently managing bulk stock.

Solutions to support your inventory management, kanban and VMI

As stated we supply inventory solutions for both serialized items as bulky items. please select one of our solutions below to find more details.

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