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E Kanban Board

The Reorderit e-Kanban board is a state-of-the-art tool that includes an RFID reader and a user-friendly touch screen interface. Upon placing a card on the e-board, the embedded RFID chips are automatically detected, facilitating seamless inventory management. The board communicates through reliable 4G, network or WiFi connectivity to a centralized database that continuously monitors all boards and cards. Our system also supports remote updates for enhanced flexibility and adaptability. Logistics replenishment orders are generated at preconfigured intervals through the database. In addition, the touch screen interface provides real-time feedback to empower employees with critical information for informed decision making.

Orderbord for a kanban ssystem to use in a warehouse or storage room

Download the datasheet for the board version with disposable cards

RFID kanban cards

Kanban card to use in a 2 bin kanban . Cards can be read by the e-board

The RFID e-Kanban card is a versatile solution that allows for efficient tracking of specific articles for designated locations or customers. Placing an order is as easy as putting the card on the board. The unique RFID chip number embedded in each card is stored in a database, which is linked to essential information such as item number (SKU), required location, and reorder quantities. We offer special holders that enable seamless integration of these cards into existing storage rooms, while new cards can be printed in-house or through our professional print service. Additionally, both reusable and disposable card options are available to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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