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Our story

We improve operations in healthcare industries, industrial applications and hospitality markets in an easy and affordable way with a focus on staff support. To realize this we optimize processes, logistics and administration by integrating internet of things (IoT) technologies into daily routines. With over 20 years of experience in IoT solutions we make you benefit from our experiences.
Re Order It has been developed in cooperation with our sister company Alltrace. Alltrace is specialized in developing and supporting turn-key Internet of things solutions.

Our vision

Technology is here to support your operations and your core business. Internet of Things is one of the tools to reach your goals and make your processes and business flourish.  With our focus on your process and staff we support you in making the right technology selections and implementation and transform these into achievable sustainable results.

IoT for kanban and VMI

We make technology work for you without noticing it is actually there. Whether it is about RFID, Lora, NB, 5G, UWB, BLE, Barcode, 2D, QR, Wifi, Zigbee or some other innovative technologies, we will seamlessly make it work for you. As a solution development company we focus on integral high-tech solution that will work for your staff without any technical knowledge from your side. Turn-key easy implemantable solutions with only minutes of training required.

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