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Smart Scale (Bluetooth enabled)

At Reorderit, we understand the importance of user-friendly inventory management, which is why we developed the BleBin smart scale system. This innovative solution automates the inventory management process by periodically weighing bins, generating automatic orders when stock levels fall below pre-set limits established through our back-office solution. The orders are then transmitted to your warehouse management or ERP system, ensuring timely restocking of essential items.


Smart scale BLE controller for user interface for inventory
Bluetooth enables scale for real time inventory management
Edit Sensor critical values for stock levels
Software overview of actual weights for each storage SKU

The BleBin smart scale system is ideal for assembly facilities with local storage in assembly stations and workplaces. The system also includes a receiver that captures actual weights via a 50m range Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal, enabling seamless integration with the Reorderit inventory control management system.

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